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Our Wholesome Curriculum encompasses: • Heart- Feelings and responding • Head- ‘sticky knowledge’ • Hands- physical skills •Health- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental

Feedback and Marking


What is feedback?


Feedback can take different forms: peer, self, adult marking, or verbal.

Great teachers use a combination of these, choosing the best form as appropriate to the learning. The best feedback, whether it is written or verbal, will give children a clear sense of how they can improve, with children responding and making progress as a result.

We recognise the Education Endowment Foundation’s recommendation to encourage teacher autonomy to exercise their evidence-informed professional judgement. The principles of effective feedback matter more than the methods through which it is delivered. Therefore, our feedback policy deliberately avoids specifying exact methods of delivery or precise timings or frequency for feedback. Our key principles for the delivery of feedback are listed below:


● Feedback will redirect or refocus either the teacher’s or the learner’s actions to achieve a goal. It should be specific, accurate and clear, and should encourage and support further effort.

● The majority of feedback given to children at our school is verbal.

● Where appropriate, children will receive some form of written feedback. This may include highlighting, ticks or short written comments.  Other indications of written feedback in books may be self-assessment by the child, including a RAG rating of the objective where appropriate, or peer assessment.

● Feedback may be given to the whole class, to specific groups, or just to individuals.

● Feedback will take into account the effort a child has made (being aware of children with SEN or EAL), and every piece of work should be treated with respect.

● Feedback will be consistent within the classroom and across phases, with teaching assistants and teachers giving feedback in the same way.