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From September 2023 we will be a through Primary school.

Supporting Religious Education

Term 2:

Children will be taught about 'incarnation' and will be thinking about the question:

Why does Christmas matter to Christians?


Year R children will be learning that Christians believe that Jesus is God and that he was born on earth as a baby. They will read about Jesus' birth through the Gospels in the Bible and through role play of the Nativity story.


Year 1 children will also be learning that for Christians, Advent is a time of getting ready to remember the importance of Jesus' birth and how Christians celebrate Christmas. They will also learn about the meanings of the Christingle symbols.


Year 2 children will also learn that incarnation is part of the 'Big Story' of the Bible and that the Bible points out that Jesus' birth showed that He was extraordinary. They will learn about how Christians around the world prepare for Christmas.




The nativity is celebrated in countries all around the world. How do you celebrate Christmas?