Supporting Religious Education

Term 3 2020:

Years 1 and 2 will be learning about the Gospel. The big question of the term is:

What is the Good News that Jesus brings?

The children will be exploring the following concepts:

Christians want to find God’s peace.

Christians put their beliefs into practice in their own lives.

Christians believe that Jesus brings Good News for all people including the poor and friendless.

For Christians this Good News includes being loved by God and being forgiven for bad things.

Bible stories and texts mean a lot to Christians.

Christians believe Jesus’ teachings make people think hard about how to live and show them the right way.

Christians use Bible stories and texts to guide their beliefs about prayer.

The children will be learning and using the following vocabulary:

Good News, Lord’s prayer, Christianity, thankfulness, values, forgiveness, community, prayer, Gospel

Does your child know and understand these words and can they explain them?


In Term 4 we will be telling the story of Holy week?

Does the story of Easter help you think about sadness, hope or heaven?



The nativity is celebrated in countries all around the world.