Charging and Remissions policy

Charges and Remissions policy


To ensure that any charges made are fair and in line with our inclusive policy.

No child will be excluded from an activity because of inability to pay.

Charges are made for

  • Breakfast Club.
  • After school activities where necessary to cover the cost of resources or external providers.
  • Items purchased through school e.g. replacement water bottles.


Voluntary contributions are invited for:

  • School Fund.
  • School Trips.
  • School parties – e.g. Christmas and end of term.

All parents/carers are invited to contact the Headteacher if payments for any of the above are causing stress or difficulty. The headteacher can use her discretion to waive a payment or arrange a payment scheme to support parents in financial difficulty.

All charges are reviewed annually. Every effort is made to keep costs low. New parents are advised that they do not need to purchase uniform from the Uniformbase shop and are free to use other providers. 

Policy written by G. Johnson

Adopted by Governors 2019